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Where to begin?

Every project has to start somewhere, and we have selected a number of areas in Taunton to focus our efforts on for now. This does not mean that we won’t consider other areas – but we are letting the evidence guide us to those neighbourhoods where we think interventions can have the greatest impact.

This is based on a review of existing evidence about 12 indicators of environmental, social, cultural and economic experiences in Taunton. The approach was developed as part of a Defra-funded project called Local Action Project that allows us to make strategic decisions about where to target investment in Green Infrastructure enhancements – in our case, we will mainly focus on Sustainable Drainage Systems, but you can use this to come up with your own ideas too! In SPONGE, we are taking this further as we are actually enabled through our funding to deliver a number of interventions until 2020. At the moment, we are looking for sites and the communities that use them – once we have identified where we can do something, we can then together figure out what to do exactly!

If you live, work or care about any of the target areas – including Norton Fitzwarren, parts of Priorswood, Halcon, Eastgate and Blackbrook and Holway – (see maps below), we’d love for you to become involved. We are looking for input from suggestions about locations of possible interventions to actually helping us design what you want to see happen. 

Specific things you can do right now in these areas is let us know of any suitable sites that you think could do with an intervention – somewhere that regularly puddles, that could do with a bit of green or that the community would like to see put to better use. We are looking for publically owned spaces or community areas that could host a small green sponge – there are no upper or lower limits as to how big it has to be, or the type of space. If you are part of a business that is interested in getting involved, you should get in touch with us.

If you’re not sure about the type of thing that an intervention could be, have a look here: http://urbanwater-eco.services/toolbox/

Get in touch if you want to be involved with SPONGE!

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