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You might have noticed on the top menu already – we have chosen target areas in Taunton that we will focus on in the next few months! Of course, this doesn’t mean that we definitely won’t work anywhere else. However, as we are all to well aware, even big projects have to start small. We only have a limited amount of people power and hours in our day, so we want to make sure that we get off to a good start and really focus on what we are doing, rather than spreading our work too thinly.

The areas we have chosen have been selected through a process Westcountry Rivers Trust piloted last year as part of the Defra-funded Local Action Project. This process looks at 12 indicators of how the urban landscape impacts our lives and provides social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits. These indicators are compared within pre-defined units of analysis – small areas (in our case based mostly on Lower Super Output Areas)┬áto allow us to understand differences on a neighbourhood-level – and ranked on a scale of 1 o 5. Then, we can look at all indicators and how areas perform on each of them to really target where we want to work and what we want to do there. Additionally, we ask a number of stakeholders with local knowledge to give us input and feedback on this.

Based on this process, we have chosen areas in Priorswood, Halcon, Blackbrook and Holway, Eastgate and Norton Fitzwarren.



This means, if you live in one of these target areas, work there or are generally just interested in getting involved, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to give us input, let us know about spaces and places you think could do with some more or improved greenery, or make us aware of projects that are going on that could benefit from some of our “interventions”.

Head over to the “Target Areas in Taunton” section to have a closer look at what you can do to get involved!