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Somerset SPONGE aims to use solutions inspired by nature to address issues around climate change and what happens to the rainwater that falls on our cities. These solutions will be designed with local people to improve our urban areas to make them better places for everyone. Find out more about what the issues are & what you can do…

What We Know

Interested in why a project like SPONGE is so important? Find out more about the urban water cycle, the issues we are facing and the importance of green spaces.

What We Can Do

If you’ve had a look at the issues, now find out how you can help to solve them on the ground! This section will give you some tools and ideas to help you get started.

SPONGE2020 Taunton Project Review

Read all about the SPONGE2020 project, an analysis of the data and evidence surrounding people & the environment in Taunton, our target areas, and the work we’ve been undertaking in Taunton.