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Somerset SPONGE aims to provide nature-based solutions to address issues of climate change, the urban water cycle, and improve our urban areas to make them better places for everyone. Find out more about what the issues are, what you can do and what others have done in this section.


What We Know

Interested in why a project like SPONGE is relevant? Before you get involved you might want to find out a bit more about why the urban water cycle and green infrastructure are important and what issues we are facing.

Read about the science behind SPONGE

What We Can Do

You understand the issues and just want to find out how you can solve them on the ground? This section might give you some tools to get started and set an example.

Find ways to make a difference to your urban environment.

Look Further

We’re not the only ones who think using nature-based solutions and taking care of our urban environment is important. Get inspiration from other projects, organisations and campaigns with our collection of further reading.

Discover what others have done before.