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Today was our second event at Selworthy Special School. This time we wanted to gather ideas and opinions to inform the design of the raingarden for the school.

We took along different materials, so the students could experience the possible elements of the raingarden with all their senses. They were able to have creative input in the form of a collage or through conversation. The young people chose colours, smells and textures they liked and didn’t like, and we will use this to influence the raingarden design.

We also held a drop-in session for parents, staff and interested members of the public which was organised by the school’s funding officer. We prepared some posters to explain the basic concept behind Sustainable Drainage Systems and showing a conceptual design for the raingarden. The attendees were invited to come forward with ideas, suggestions and any concerns about the scheme and note them down. Responses were very positive, and the attendees had a wealth of creative ideas to add value to the design. These ideas included shaping the way the raingarden will look and the benefits the children will be able to gain from this space, including using it as an opportunity to test risk-taking and reacting through balancing beams and different textured plants.

This activity was led by Westcountry Rivers Trust and was funded by SPONGE2020 and People’s Local Trust.