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After several meetings, workshops and discussions with local people and Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) experts, the design for our demo raingardens in two residential areas of Taunton have been chosen!

Raised planters have been selected because they allow everyone, including those who are less mobile, to enjoy the plants and get involved in the gardening.

They will also be easy to maintain, without getting in the way of existing maintenance of the green spaces around the houses.

On the more technical side, the slopes and infiltration rates of the soil (how quickly water soaks into the ground) meant that a sunken raingarden would have been more challenging to construct.

We have chosen plants based on the ideas and opinions given by local people, and will include hyacinths, rosemary, lupin and globe flowers.

The planters will be a bright new addition to the local area, as well as slowing the flow of water to the drains.

The project is delivered by Westcountry Rivers Trust, overseen by Somerset County Council, and funded by Wessex Water and the Somerset Rivers Authority.