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We visited Selworthy Special School to get the pupils thinking about how the water cycle works and what happens to rainwater.

This is the first of several sessions we are running at Selworthy Special School, which will lead to the building and planting of a raingarden in the school grounds. We worked with the children to engage them in how the water cycle works, what happens to the rain, and get them used to the idea of working with water. Activities included playing with different types of substrate, an interactive demonstration display of a SuDS system, making seedballs for the raingarden, and using kitchen sponges to change how a display town “flooded”. 

We are looking forward to returning soon to gather the ideas and opinions of the students and staff to help us design a great raingarden for the school!

This activity was led by Westcountry Rivers Trust and was funded by SPONGE2020 and People’s Local Trust.