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We’ve been working with the Friends of Longrun Meadow¬†to visit the site and discuss ideas for a ‘sponge-y’ project.

Longrun Meadow is a green space close to the centre of Taunton. The Friends of Longrun Meadow help run community activities and manage the wildlife on the meadows, maintaining a fantastic natural space for the people of Taunton to enjoy.

The group have identified an existing drain as a potential opportunity for improvement. The drain is fed by a surface water sewer system and leads straight into the main river, carrying with it pollutants from roads and car parks and providing little suitable habitat for wildlife. Its straight line channel also means that in high rainfall events water rushes straight through into the Tone.

The plan for work is to create different depths within the ditch, to slow the flow of water and allow soil and other sediment to settle out of the water, and allow time for the water to be cleaned up through natural wetland processes.

Native plants will be planted too to help take up excess nutrients, create habitats for wildlife and to improve the asthetics of the ditch.

Watch this space for what comes next!