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We’ve been busy over the last few weeks building 4 raingarden raised planters at our two demo sites in Taunton!

The planters are designed in a very specific way because they are going to provide a number of important functions. They aim to be both an interesting feature for local people to enjoy, and also slow the flow of water to the drains, to reduce pressure on our sewer systems. 

The basic structure of the planter is:

  • The downpipe from the roof of the building is diverted into the top of the planter
  • Attractive timber walls are lined with pond liner to make them suitable to hold waterlogged soil
  • The bottom of the planter is filled with a layer of gravel, to hold excess water and stop the soil getting too wet for plants to grow in
  • Within the gravel is an overflow pipe, to take excess water to the drain when there is too much rainwater for the planter to hold
  • A permeable membrane lies on top of the gravel to allow water through but not soil
  • Then there’s a layer of topsoil for the plants to grow in!

It’s been hard work to get the planters completed but we are very pleased with the results and we hope the local people we have been working with are very happy too!

The project is delivered by Westcountry Rivers Trust, overseen by Somerset County Council, and funded by Wessex Water and the Somerset Rivers Authority.