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Last week in Somerset we hosted our partners in the SPONGE 2020 project at beautiful Dillington Hall. We are working with organisations from across the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Each partner works on their own pilot, where they are co-designing and constructing climate adaptation features. The pilots each have their own aims and approaches. In Somerset we are working on lots of small-scale raingardens, in Southend several larger raingardens have been created within the grounds of a hospital, and in Antwerp the team are working across one large park. In the Netherlands, alongside other projects, some of our Dutch partners are working to create ‘the most sustainable street in the Netherlands’. There’s lots of exciting work going on across the different pilots!

We also have some tasks to do across all the partners, so it was good to make progress on these projects. These include a toolbox and guidance pack so we can share the lessons we have learnt through the pilot projects. The aim is to encourage other organisations and local authorities to install sustainable drainage features and make towns and cities more resilient to climate change.


SPONGE2020 an Interreg 2 Seas project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.