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Following on from our first visit to Holway Park Primary School, where our 5W engineers ran activities based around water management, engineering, working with nature and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), we returned to gather the pupils ideas for a SuDS feature at their school!

The school has a courtyard area in the centre which already has a lovely wildlife pond and is home to some very cute guinea pigs! We plan on finding a way to capture and store rainwater so it can be used to top up the pond and water plants. However we also want to help make the space even more fun and engaging, so we got the pupils and their parents thinking about what they’d like the SuDS systems to do, as well as details like favourite colours and the types of materials they think would work best. The students also got creative drawing some designs, a few of which you can see above.

We will now be working with the engineers to take these ideas and come up with a technical design, and will be installing the SuDS feature in the school later in the year!

 The 5W project is delivered by Westcountry Rivers Trust, in a pilot co-lead by Somerset County Council, and is funded by Interreg 2 Seas (and the European Regional Development Fund) and the Royal Academy of Engineers.